Bake Sales

One of the major organizational money making projects is the bake sale. The University does not wish to hinder these projects, however, the approval of such fundraising projects will be limited to once per calendar quarter per organization. For the protection of the organization and for those purchasing foods, the following precautions must be taken:

• No food which requires refrigeration can be sold. This includes: cream-filled pastries, eclairs, cream pies, etc. 

• Only bars, cookies, cakes, and doughnuts are acceptable bake sale items. 

• No bake sale items shall be sold that have frosting or other toppings that are applied after the baking process. Purchased frosting from commercial sources (grocery stores, etc.) is acceptable. 

• All bake sale items shall be individually wrapped at the original point of preparation. 

• Preparation may be completed in a home-type kitchen, with the reminder that only the bake sale items shall be prepared at this time. Food for individual consumption should not be prepared at the same time as bake sale items are prepared. 

• Bake sale items shall be transported in a covered, dust-proof container. 

• Individuals conducting the baking and/or wrapping or sale of food shall thoroughly wash their hands before handling the product. 

• A sign or placard stating "Homemade/Not Inspected" must be posted. 

For additional information and approvals, contact EHSO at [email protected] or at (218) 726-7139.