Department Safety Officers

Some of the important functions that DSO's fill are:

  • Serving as a liaison and facilitating communication between their employing department and the EHSO
  • Maintaining a working knowledge of their work areas, actively engaging in safety improvement, and visibly advocating for safety
  • Consulting on safety training by making sure PIs and staff are aware of all required safety training and resources
  • Scheduling and participating in inspections of laboratories in conjunction with EHSO personnel and assisting in facilitating follow-up on improvement recommendations
  • Participating on or facilitating departmental or campus-wide safety committees

Please see the below table for the Department Safety Officer information for your area.

Department / School
Animal CareIan Aldrich[email protected]
Ash RiverChris Smith [email protected]

Frank Maragi

Nick Lamon

Alicia Heil

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

ChemistryGreg Mielke[email protected]
Chemical EngineeringLyndon Ramrattan[email protected]
Civil EngineeringOscar Toftegaard[email protected]
Earth & Environmental SciencesJinny Alexander[email protected]
Electrical EngineeringXiaogang Chen[email protected]
Health ServicesMichael Lintsten[email protected]
Large Lakes ObservatorySandra Brovold[email protected]
Mechanical & Industrial EngineeringDarrell Anderson[email protected]
NRRI (Duluth and Coleraine)Jean Cranston [email protected]
PharmacyJon Rumbley[email protected]
PhysicsJames Hansen[email protected]
Research Instrumentation Laboratory (RIL)Casey Sundberg[email protected]
School of MedicineAnnette Rod[email protected]