Laboratory Safety Plan

The Laboratory Safety Plan (LSP), formerly known as a Laboratory Compliance Manual is a supplement to the UMN Chemical Hygiene Plan. It is a template for research laboratories to contain their lab-specific safety policies, procedures, and documentation. The LSP combines information and sections from the previous Compliance Manuals and Laboratory-Specific Safety Plans into a shorter plan that requires less customization and presents vital laboratory and safety information in a more concise manner.

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1.0 Informational Sheet

Laboratory Administrative/Informational Items

This section includes the main contacts for the lab, information on any protocols, particularly hazardous substances present, and lists the current laboratory employees/students.

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2.0 Hazard Assessment/ PPE Selection

This section includes hazard assessment information and resources and lists the personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements for the lab.

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3.0 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs must be developed and reviewed by all applicable faculty/staff/students when using any particularly hazardous substances, biological hazards, radiation, or when using dangerous or hazardous equipment. This section includes information and resources for creating standard operating procedures for your lab.

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4.0 Emergency Information & Shutdown Procedures

Despite our best planning, emergencies can occur in the laboratory or affect the laboratory such as a power failure or weather event. This section includes the lab Emergency Preparedness Plan, which will lay out specific emergency shutdown procedures for your lab, emergency training requirements, and near miss/incident reporting expectations.

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5.0 Training & Records

Each laboratory has unique hazards and emergency procedures, and each PI is responsible for ensuring workers are trained at the required frequency.

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6.0 Chemical Inventory & SDS

All laboratories are required to submit an updated chemical inventory annually, maintain safety data sheets (SDS) of their lab's chemicals, and label their chemicals to make the hazards and contents clear to all in the laboratory.

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7.0 Hazardous Waste Management

Most laboratories will generate hazardous waste and will need to be trained on its proper handling, labeling, and disposal.

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