Emergency Contacts

In case of any emergency, call 911 first.

Campus Emergency Numbers:
Utility Problems – Facilities Mgt. Dept. 726-8262
After hours on weekdays 726-8147
After hours Friday midnight to Monday 7:30 a.m. 726-7007 or 348-4748
UMD Health Service 726-8155
EHSO Emergency Contacts: Chemical, Biological and Radiation Exposures and Water Events
  Work Cell
Andrew Kimball 726-6764 763-226-7011
Laura Lott, System Campuses EHS Manager 726-6917 218-751-2051
Rachael Perriello 726-7273 512-919-2382
Offsite Emergency Numbers:
Fire Department 911
Police Department 911
Minnesota State Duty Officer 1-800-422-0798
National Response Center 1-800-424-8802
St Mary’s Hospital Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222
St Luke’s Hospital Urgent Care Center 249-6095