Lab and Research Safety

UMD Lab Safety Information and Resource Links:

Laboratory Safety Plan
Controlled Substances Process Flowchart
Department Safety Officer (DSO) List
5 Steps for Shipping Liquid Samples/Chemicals

Each Department or School on campus has an assigned Department Safety Officer (DSO).  The DSO acts as the liaison between EHSO and the laboratory workers, researchers, etc.  They assist EHSO in updating Lab Safety Plans, communicating policy, conducting audits, and educating faculty and staff.

New Researchers, Lab Closure, and Auditing Information:

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    Information for New Researchers

    Welcome to the University of Minnesota Duluth! When starting up, you may want to meet with the Research Safety Professional from the EHSO and your Department Safety Officer (DSO) to discuss the scope of your work and the support you need. The resources below can help you with your lab start-up:

    • Laboratory Safety Plan, a 7-section document that you can maintain in your lab to show compliance with regulations and walk you and your staff through safety requirements, links, and resources.
    • Laboratory Staff Training, a webpage that lists training sessions available online to become familiar with the various types of hazards in the lab.
    • Field Safety Website, a webpage that provides resources and templates for writing up a field safety plan for your projects.
    • Eyewash Weekly Test log, a log to post to document your weekly eyewash testing
    • FM Work Order Request, an online form to request FM work orders

    Laboratory Audits and Inspections

    Laboratories are inspected by both internal and external peers to ensure compliance and safety of all researchers.

    Internal Audits:

    EHSO audit frequency is determined based on the lab hazard ranking of the area, based on chemical, biological, pressure, electrical, and other hazards that may be present. Audits are currently performed using the below Google Form.

    External Auditors:

    Below is a non-exhaustive list of external agencies that may perform inspections for compliance with regulations or consensus standards within your labs.

    Laboratory Closeout or Transfer

    Whether a researcher is retiring, moving labs, or just transferring the laboratory to another's ownership, the laboratory closeout procedures below should be followed.