Mixed Waste Chemicals

Mixed Waste Chemicals Mixed with Radioactive and/or Biological Materials

Mixed waste is any waste that contains both EPA-regulated chemical waste and radioactive isotopes. These wastes are difficult and costly for the University to dispose of and should be generated only when necessary and in prudent amounts. As hazardous and radioactive wastes are regulated under separate jurisdictions (EPA and NRC respectively), and as the treatment goals are different for each jurisdiction, management of these waste streams can be complicated.

For the generator of mixed waste, the first strategy is minimization and segregation so that the least amount of mixed waste is produced. Refer to Prudent Practices in the Laboratory: Handling and Disposal of Chemicals, National Research Council, 1995, pages 150-160 for techniques to minimize mixed waste generation.

Once generated, mixed waste needs to be reported to and co-managed by both the Chemical Waste and the Radiation Protection Programs. Follow the procedures in the Radiation Protection Division.