Compliance Manuals

Binder with the text "Compliance" on it.

Compliance manuals should be readily available to inspectors, auditors, and employees. The manual serves as a place for storing safety data sheets, inventories, documentation that training has been conducted, information on internal procedures, and additional items that verify compliance with regulations.  The table below provides some guidance on what to include in a compliance manual.



Laboratories  Non- Labs 
Replaced by the Laboratory Safety Plan  What should be in this manual?
   Emergency Preparedness Informational Sheet
   Critical Emergency Shutdown Procedures
   Training Informational Sheet
   Industrial Area Training Log
   Fieldwork Training Log
   PPE Informational Sheet
   PPE Selection Guide
   SOP Informational Sheet
   Standard Operating Procedure Hazard Assessment Template
   Particularly Hazardous Substance List
   Chemicals and SDS Informational Sheet
   Chemical Inventory Template