Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Library

Generic SOP/Hazard Assessment Template

This template can be used to create an SOP for your procedures, and includes hazard assessment, controls, and the ability to picture each step. Please contact Rachael Perriello to discuss and review your SOP for completeness.

Chemicals Requiring SOPs

Any chemical or material that falls into one of the categories listed below must have its own standard operating procedure:

  • Carcinogens
    • (GHS category 1 for carcinogenicity on SDS), e.g. benzene, formaldehyde
  • Reproductive Toxins
    • (GHS category 1 for reproductive toxicity on SDS), e.g. lead
  • Highly Toxic Chemicals
    • (GHS category 1 or 2 for acute toxicity), e.g. mercuric chloride
  • Hazardous Drugs
  • Poisonous Gases
  • Pesticides
  • Pyrophoric or Water-Reactive Chemicals
    • (Chemicals that ignite spontaneously in air at room temperature or react with water), e.g. sodium metal
  • Explosive Chemicals
    • (Any chemical that instantaneously releases gas and heat whether designed to be an explosive or not)

SOP Template Links

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Ethidium Bromide

Organic Peroxides and Peroxide Forming Compounds

Formalin and Paraformaldehyde

Biological Spill

Chemical Spill

Hydrofluoric Acid

Class 3R and 4 Lasers


Pyrophoric and other Highly Reactive Materials

Sodium Azide