Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Library

Chemicals Requiring SOPs

Any chemical or material that falls into one of the categories listed below must have its own standard operating procedure:

  • Carcinogens
    • (GHS category 1 for carcinogenicity on SDS), e.g. benzene, formaldehyde
  • Reproductive Toxins
    • (GHS category 1 for reproductive toxicity on SDS), e.g. lead
  • Highly Toxic Chemicals
    • (GHS category 1 or 2 for acute toxicity), e.g. mercuric chloride
  • Hazardous Drugs
  • Poisonous Gases
  • Pesticides
  • Pyrophoric or Water-Reactive Chemicals
    • (Chemicals that ignite spontaneously in air at room temperature or react with water), e.g. sodium metal
  • Explosive Chemicals
    • (Any chemical that instantaneously releases gas and heat whether designed to be an explosive or not)

SOP Template Links

UHS Document and SOP Library

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Ethidium Bromide

Organic Peroxides and Peroxide Forming Compounds

Formalin and Paraformaldehyde

Biological Spill

Chemical Spill

Hydrofluoric Acid

Class 3R and 4 Lasers


Pyrophoric and other Highly Reactive Materials

Sodium Azide