UMN COVID-19 Safe Return to Work Website

The University of Minnesota Sunrise Plan asks Colleges and units to develop a safe return-to-work plan for those who must return to campus.  You should follow the guidelines outlined in the Sunrise Plan and from your college/department/unit leadership. Below are the general steps that should be taken and resources that can be used to develop plans. Please check CDC, MDH, and UMN COVID-19 guidance frequently as requirements are evolving. Be sure that your area protocols reflect the current recommended best practices.

 Plan and Prepare

  1. Review the current Sunrise Plan.  Any work that can be completed at home must still be completed at home.
  2. Individual faculty or staff members who have work that cannot be performed remotely, and are not already approved as essential, may request a return to their worksite under the Sunrise Plan.  The request must be justified.
    • Write Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs).  SOPs formats are different depending on the College/School/Department. After SOPs are reviewed by EHSO, approval from the University of Minnesota and UMD leadership can be initiated (refer to the item below). This bullet applies to anyone working in the Swenson College of Science and Engineering (SCSE).  Others may skip this step unless notified by leadership. 
    • Submit your justification and safe return to work plan to the University of Minnesota by completing the Request for Return Workflow Process.  Attach your SOPs to this request.  
    • Add approval paperwork, safety plans, SOPs to your laboratory compliance manual (for labs).  Non -labs should keep paperwork in an accessible location.  Hard copy or digital is acceptable.

 After Approval

  1. Labs that were in hibernation will need to come out of hibernation. Use this checklist to safely re-start labs. 
  2. Proper door signage must be placed on the door.
  3. Labs will need to keep a sign-in log or have a system in place so that it is known who worked in the area and times that they were there. If trace-back is needed this will make it much easier to notify the appropriate personnel.
  4. Safety Audits may occur.

 During Work

  1. Follow all SOPs that were developed and all safety precautions outlined in the Sunrise Plan.
  2. Essential and returning employees must follow the actions provided by the University’s Office of Academic Clinical Affairs
    • Work areas must be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.  
    • Employees must wash hands and use sanitizer on a regular basis. 
    • Employees must social distance and minimize their footprint.
    • When the potential to come closer than 6 feet to another person is possible, a cloth mask shall be worn.  This applies to public spaces, shared areas, office suites, and any space where another person may be present.
    • Employees must check their temperature prior to leaving for work and when returning home from work. Sick employees must stay at home. The employees are to log their temperatures and report any fevers.